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A Vision For Change

Welcome to the IAPPC Website.

Welcome to the Irish Association for Psychotherapy in Primary Care. The Association was established following the publication in 2006 of the report of the 'Expert Group on Mental Health' entitled 'A Vision for Change'. This report which was adopted in full as Government policy and accepted by each of the opposition parties, sets out clearly the key role of psychotherapy within the general healthcare system and in particular within primary care.

The objective of the IAPPC is to facilitate the co-operation, mutual understanding and shared purpose between the psychotherapy profession and the medical profession anticipated by 'A Vision for Change'.

The IAPPC carries out its objective in large part by maintaining a rigorous and comprehensive accreditation system for those highly qualified psychotherapists who have an interest in primary care. The accreditation and standards system of the IAPPC is supervised by a committee comprising senior medical personnel. The IAPPC also maintains a list of recognised specialised training courses in psychotherapy.

The IAPPC promotes research and education activities and operates an email referral service where members of any primary care team in Ireland can find a suitably qualified psychotherapist who has an interest in and understanding of the issues presenting at primary care level.

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